Ntukza on his hasty decision to drop a music project before the year ends




Ntukza has taken to his Twitter to explain his decision to release a new music project before the end of the year.

 The star revealed that there has been a demand for him to release new music hence he has decided to drop it before the year-end.

There’s quite a demand for me to release music now so I thought, I might as well without feeling any pressure. I’m always on studio anyway. Stay ready so you don’t have to be ready,” tweeted the veteran rapper.

In another tweet, Ntukza made it clear that he wasn’t supposed to drop a project this year, but because of certain push factors, he is now poised to drop an EP before we close off 2022.

PSA 🗣: I wasn’t dropping any new music this year as I was in the process for next year. However, there has been a turn of events on a lot of things so I’m dropping a brand new Ep soon,” he added.

Ntukza stated that he is currently finalizing the project since he started to put together the EP last week.

“I put together an Ep started everything in the last week, now finalising all admin then drop,” tweeted the former Teargas member.

See tweet below:

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