DJ Hlo opens up on ongoing cyberbullying




DJ Hlo has issued a statement after being dragged for filth for winning the 2021 Song Of The Year at Ukhozi FM.

The star has been bullied right from when we entered this month onto today and she reveals it has damaged her emotionally as well as her family.

The DJ ushered most of Ukhozi FM listeners into the new year with her hit single Isibani. Many claimed to not have known the song until it was played on the radio. She got bullied and allegations of bribery started swirling.

Taking to her Facebook page, DJ Hlo addressed these rumors and the ongoing trolling stating she is also human.

“I would like to start by thanking the Ukhozi FM team from the management, to the radio personalities, producers, and the whole of the marketing team for even creating the Ukhozi Fm top 10 song Of the year. I received a lot of great opportunities both locally and internationally.

“What I would like people to know is that I am also human. Everything that is being said about me on social media has hurt me ever since I won. All of the hurt goes straight to the heart. Ever since I won, I have been sworn at using every cuss word out there. What hurts the most is that even after I did not enter the top 10 this year, I am still getting bullied. This is not affecting me only, but it is also affecting my entire family,” she added.

Hlo even said that if she did bribe someone, then that would have meant she would be added onto this year’s too 10, but she isn’t.

“I would like to clarify that the allegations against me stating that I had sexual relations with the Ukhozi Fm team and that I bribed them in order to win SOTY for my hit single Isibani, are all false. If that were true that would meant I would have made it this year. I worked very hard, I had no sleep only to Market my song and get votes. I would like to thank everybody who was involved in making the song a success. I would also like to thank my company Maz Entertainment for getting my music out there.”

She also thanked all the musicians who worked with her even when she was a rookie in the industry, as well as the media and radio stations for playing her music.

Hlo then congratulated all the top 10 song of the year recipient’s and encouraged listeners to vote for them.

“Last but not least I would like to thank all the people that voted for me last year and this year. I have no words. And to those who continue to support me during this difficult time,” she concluded by thanking her team for believing in her. NB: Khozi FM please do better this year on the crossover song,” added Zakes.


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