5 things to keep in mind while working out during your periods



Exercising and a healthy lifestyle are the most important to stay fit at all times. But come periods, most women get confused on whether they should continue with their workout routine, give their gym class a skip or go slow.

Every woman experiences periods differently. In fact, each period is different for every individual. Hence when it comes to fitness routine or workout intensity, it’s important that it changes as per every period and every woman.

While during one month you might find it best to go for a low-intensity workout, another month you may find a full workout session a great idea. No matter what you choose, here are a few things you should keep in mind while working out during your periods!

1. ​Change your workout

If you are feeling fatigued and tired, it’s best to take a rest day or go for a low-energy yoga session or some stretching. If you feel energised and normal, you can complete a full workout session.

2. Don’t let the NOCEBO effect rule you!

Most women stop working out or even doing any physical activity when the period sets on, even if they are having a light day. It’s important that we disregard the nocebo effect and focus on what our body feels. If you feel energised enough for a walk, jogging etc do it. Don’t skip your workout just because your period days have arrived.

​3. Keep up with the routine!

Exercise is not limited to HIIT and strength training. During your periods you can choose lighter activities like walking, jogging, pranayama, etc to keep up with your fitness routine and maintain discipline.

4. Do yoga

Women with major PMS symptoms can benefit with lighter activity exercises like Yoga, stretching, walk etc. It helps in relieving symptoms and promotes blood flow. Periods are a crucial time for women to listen to their body and alter their workout routine as per their body needs during that particular period. During periods, it isn’t necessary to stick to your workout routine 100% but taking care of your body 100%”.

5. Do not exert pressure on your body

While physical activities are important during periods to combat PMS symptoms, overdoing it can actually make you feel tired, and damage your body during those crucial days. If you feel you aren’t able to form your workout routine as per your body needs and fitness goals, a fitness coach can guide you with a tailor-made workout routine and meal plan suited for your body 30 days a month. With routine one-on-one checks and altering plans as per your body goals & feedback, you can progress through your fitness goals and overcome every challenge.

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