Meet 4 of SA’s youngest millionaires



You are never too young to set goals for yourself, then go after them and conquer your dreams.

In spite of South Africa’s numerous challenges entrepreneurs contend with, these four never gave up, and they soared.

The individuals you can gain inspiration from are:

1. Vivian Mokome

“I was an over-achiever and could never settle for less.”

Estimated net worth: more than R19 million

Mokome made her first million at 35. She forewent the corporate executive sector and ventured into entrepreneurship.

She holds a Master’s degree in information systems and business applications from Wits. She is an international director of the multinational company, Longrich.

2. Adii Pienaar

“One thing that most fast-growing businesses have in common is strong foundations.”

Estimated net worth: R77 million

Pienaar is the founder of optimisation and analytics agency, Conversio. He also co-founded WooThemes/WooCommerce, an online shopping plug-in.

He holds an Honours degree from Stellenbosch University.

3. Vusi Thembekwayo

“Discipline and consistency; the difference between the life you have and the life you want.”

Estimated net worth: R530 million

Thembekwayo first made his mark on the world at the age of 21 when he ran South Africa’s only black-owned Forensic Marketing agency.

He went on to become the youngest director of the JSE. He is the chief executive of a boutique investment and advisory firm.

4. Douglas Hoernle

“I am committed to improving education globally using mobile technology.”

Estimated net worth: R62 million

Hoernle holds an Honours degree in finance from the University of Cape Town. He has founded multiple technology companies.

Hoernle is the founder and chief executive of Karri Payments, a mobile payment app.

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