7 places where mobile phone are strictly prohibited!



We are living in a digital world where staying away from our phones is quite impossible, even for a minute, and it’s the worst.

On our quest to be visible on social media, we are losing out on so many beautiful sights because we’re too busy clicking at a screen to look up.

So here are some places that have completely banned the usage of mobile phones. You are supposed to visit these places to have an immersive, memorable experience.

Have a look.

1. The Sistine Chapel, Italy

You cannot take your mobile phones inside Italy’s famous Sistine Chapel. This place of worship is considered absolutely sacred. And the ceiling of this gorgeous chapel showcases some incredible artwork which is just to see and admire.

2. Temples in Tamil Nadu, India

The south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has put a strict ban on usage of mobile phones inside its temples. In December 2022, the Tamil Nadu government restricted devotees using their mobile phones in temples across the state “to maintain the purity and sanctity,” of temples. Phones are prohibited inside Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple, Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayur, and Sri Venkateswara Temple.

3. Akshardham Temple, Delhi, India

Visitors cannot carry their mobile phones inside the temple premises for the security reasons. An architectural wonder, the Akshardham Temple follows strict security measures.

4. Ram Janmabhoomi complex, Ayodhya, India

Mobile phones are totally banned in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex region, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Not only mobile phones, cameras, watches, belts and any electronic gadgets are also not allowed here.

5. Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

This famous national park in Sri Lanka banned the entry of phones inside back in 2015 to save the jungle animals. The rule came after guides were noticed using their phones to tell each other about spotting a leopard or other animals. The guides were then seen driving their vehicles at rapid speed to try and get a look. It was all very much distressing for the animals living in the park.

6. Elite Islands Resorts, Caribbean beaches

The mobile ban policy was introduced here way back in 2012. A beach at each of Elite’s resorts is a mobile-free-zone. There are signboards at all beaches and visitors are reminded about the policy when they check-in. They want to promote complete relaxation so phones and laptops aren’t allowed here.

7. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

In 2015, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam made its stance clear on the use of mobile phones inside the museum. The famous museum discourages people from using their phones and cameras, and instead encourages them to sketch the artworks on paper. They also provide pencils and papers to visitors free of charge.

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