Prince Kaybee cancelled after Springboks won Rugby World Cup 2023


Prince Kaybee dragged for supporting All Blacks

Prince Kaybee gains himself more hate on social media after declaring his support for New Zealand.

South Africans dragged the musician and many further cancelled him and his music career.

Before the Rugby World Cup Final concluded, the DJ said he is a supporter of All Black, which irked lots of South Africans on Twitter.

However, he got mocked after Springboks won the match with 12 points.

Kaybee congratulated the SA team, but adamantly stuck with the All Black player.

Angry South Africans called out the DJ for drags on various social media platforms; some people went as far as deleting his songs off their phones.

“Look, you support the music because you want to, my expectations won’t influence your decision. But if supporting the All Blacks makes music bad then I will take my bad music home. Love you still,” the music producer reacted to one of the tweets cancelling him.

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