Zizo Tshwete On Motherhood – “I love it, I really, really love it”


Actress Zizo Tshwete has opened up about motherhood in her interview on Trending SA. She revealed that she really loves motherhood “I love it, I really, really love it. Sometimes you’re a little bit hard on yourself because you’re trying to find the balance… He’s is just so awesome, that little guy.”

Sue also corrected the notion that she got a lot of advantages because of her looks. “I believe that my opinion on things were strong enough to put me in good stead . I’ve never gotten anywhere based on what I look like. Even in Miss Teen, I was different in every sense of how you imagine a beauty queen to be like. I had dreadlocks, I spoke in vernacular and I really just to be as authentic as I could be,” she added.

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