Distruction Boyz Speak Out Amid Omunye SABC Ban


Distruction Boyz have defended their hit single Omunye, after claims that the song was apparently banned by some SABC radio stations for promoting unprotected sex.

According to Sunday Sun, the group’s song was apparently excluded from playlists, despite it being one of the most popular songs in the country.

Responding to the claims, the duo’s management told TshisaLIVE the song had been misinterpreted and was about a packed venue.

“The song is not about sex nor does it have any sexual connotations. When the song opens it says ‘kwagcwala kangaka lana akuhambebi… shayayisana ngezifuba’ which translates to: ‘it’s so packed here we can’t even walk,'” the group’s manager Lindo “Dogg Dbn” Buthelezi said.

He claimed the now famous lyrics “Omunye phezu komunye” is a Zulu phrase meaning “it’s too packed one was on top of the other” and said “any person who thinks this is sexual needs Jesus.”

Lindo denied the song sent out negative messages and attributed the alleged boycott of radio stations to “jealousy”.

Distruction Boyz mentor DJ Tira also took to social media over the weekend to defend the group.

“Omunye talks about a packed party, not anything dirty. Thank you to radio stations that are playing the song,” he said in a video.

He later told TshisaLIVE he was saddened by news of the boycott.

“We are sad to hear that some stations won’t play the song but are grateful to those that have. I stand by the song but it is up to stations to decide whether to play the song or not,” he said.
SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said the song had not been banned by the SABC but that music was supplied to individual radio stations and played according to audience preference and suitability.

“It is wrong to say that the song has been banned by the SABC because music is not submitted to the SABC. It is submitted to radio stations who decide if the song fits in with their listeners and target market.

“If a song is not the right fit for the station it will not be selected and the SABC has no part in this process. However, we have stated that if a song is inappropriate or vulgar we will not play it out of principle. Like other songs, a radio edit will then need to be submitted,” he said.

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