Zodwa Wabantu says money changed her mind about marriage


Zodwa Wabantu sudden change of mind about marriage is unbelievable as she’s cancelled the thought of marriage off her mind for years, until few days back when she proposed to her Ben 10 boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda.

Just like it’s commonly said and partially believed that “money is the answer to all things”, Zodwa confirms this statement after revealing that money changed her mind about marriage.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the dancer revealed the following:

“I was sure I would never get married and when I said it, I meant it. But things changed for me. Money changed my mind, it gave me options.”

“In the beginning, I thought no man would ask me out … with plans to stay with me. I know who I am and I am a strong woman – not many men can deal with that. But more than that, I had more important sh*t to do. Like I have a son, whose future I had to ensure was secure.”

“I had a house to build and other things, so marriage wasn’t appealing. It looked like a task, I wasn’t ready for – or wanted.”

However, Zodwa confirms that the whole wedding news and proposal paparazzi ain’t for her reality show, neither is to fame,she’s just living her best life,

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