Nokuthula Mavuso advises young people to help their parents heal from their pasts




Actress Nokuthula Mavuso has taken to her twitter handle to share her view on young people helping older people.

She stated that older people had faced a lot and all they need is a way to heal from their past trauma.

She also said that the younger generation should try to be helping their parents or any older person around them.

The actress took to Twitter to raise awareness of the fact that the older generation, particularly in black communities, didn’t always prioritise mental health.

She advised her followers not to leave their parents behind as they go about their own healing journeys.

“Our parents were/are scarred. Hardened. I hope yours do not pass on without having dealt with their hurt. That you won’t have to watch their hurt eatย  them as they lie on their death bed. Watching them, hoping that maybe in the next life they find some joy,” she said.

The actress made it known that she is ready to help her mum heal from the past and also take her through the steps.

She also state that she has plans on going to the house her father was murdered for the first time to help her heal through all the pain she has been passing.

The actress also mentioned her desire to help her mother make peace with what happened by confronting it head on, telling the truth and taking control of her healing.

“Open your heart and deal. Tell the truth,” she said.




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