Family of toddler found dead in car appeals to public to help cover funeral cost



The Newton family said they do not have money to bury their three-year-old boy whose body was found inside an abandoned car near Wellington on Wednesday after he was reported missing.

The family is appealing to the public for financial help.

Diego Booysen together with a four-year-old girl went missing on Monday afternoon in Corona Crescent in Newtown.

The were later found the next day in an old car parked in the backyard of a house on their street.

The little girl was found alive and rushed to the hospital but Diego was found dead.

The news of the toddler’s death shocked Newtown’s residents.

His uncle, Piet Solomons, said he was the only breadwinner of the family and he recently paid for the child’s mother’s funeral this month.

He called on the public to help the family bury their little Diego.

“They say it is going to cost me R7,000 and that’s money I don’t have,” he said.

However, Newtown ward councillor Aidan Stowman answered the call and said they would assist the family as much as they could.

The cause of the little boy’s death is still unknown but the police is still investigating the case.


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