Fuel price predicted to fall in November



The Automobile Association (AA) has predicted that petrol price could decrease from next month.

It also predicted a small increase for illuminating paraffin.

According to the association’s forecast, a fall is expected in the price of petrol between 14 and 17 cents a litre, while diesel is set to drop by approximately 20 cents a litre.

However, illuminating paraffin is expected to be 5 cents more expensive per litre.

This change is prompted by the dollar to rand exchange rate.

The AA’s Layton Beard said: “After a large spike in the daily exchange rate in the second half of September, the rand has returned to its current level of around R16.55 to the US dollar.”

“And despite some fluctuations in international oil prices the basic fuel prices are trending downwards and we hope these trends consolidate towards month-end.”

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