Three SANParks staff members implicated in Rhino poaching



Rhino poaching has been on a rise this season.

Three South African National Parks (Sanparks) staff members suspected to have been in connection with rhino poaching at the Kruger National Park have been arrested.

On Tuesday, two security guards and another worker from the technical services division were arrested during an operation between Sanparks and police.

Gareth Coleman, the managing executive of the Kruger National Park in a statement on Friday said:

“Whilst not commenting on the merits or otherwise of this case, it is always disheartening when colleagues from Sanparks are involved in criminal activities.”

“It breaks down trust amongst employees which impacts our responsibilities to act as an effective conservation authority serving the people of South Africa.”

“Whilst they may succeed in the short term, history shows that they will eventually be caught and this will be at the expense of their employment, the well-being of their families and community.”

Between July and September this year, 16 suspected poachers at the Kruger park have been arrested by the anti-poaching teams.

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