5 reasons you shouldn’t pop your pimples



Seeing any pimple/zit on you or your loved one face or body is an invitation to pop it. But should you always do this?

If you pop your pimple, these are the likely consequences.

If it is a deep cystic pimple, popping it will lead to a deep scar wound on your face. You would know from the amount of blood that comes out, almost as if you cut yourself.

Bringing one pimple down can lead to many more down. The bacteria and pus in one pimple spread to other parts of the face.

A pimple is your body reacting to dirt and bacteria. If you wait a little longer the pimple will probably dry and shrivel by itself but bursting it prematurely your skin doesn’t heal.

The consequence of bursting one pimple is redness, swelling and inflammation.

When you burst a pimple, you are forcefully pushing the contents of the pimple out and that tears your skin. It takes three days for a pimple to heal itself but 14 days if you take the matter into your own hands.

  • Wait for it to turn white.
  • Clean your hands, dirty hands add more dirt to your face.
  • Use a cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide
  • Use a syringe dipped in rubbing alcohol to draw it out.
  • Use a two cotton swab to push the pus out.

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