Moshe Ndiki writes touching anniversary note to his boyfriend, Mzie (Video)


Moshe Ndiki and his boyfriend, Mzie

Moshe Ndiki and his lover, Mzei mark their anniversary today, 10th of October.

The radio personality did a compilation of their lovely moments together and captioned it with heart-melting words.

“Thank you for being the best part of my day, well second to you know. I love you and I appreciate everything you do , you make me feel loved always and protect me from any harm, you’re my actual hero and I couldn’t be more blessed to have you ♥️ Nton nton versary Chomi @mzie_n_” he wrote.

“PS: do you realise we’ve been dating from the first day we met 🤣🤣 so we’ve been dating for as long as we’ve known each other. One day ndoze ndiyibalise how my heart was stolen by umjita wase Mount Aylif mkr mkr mkr.”


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