Beitbridge border fence: Scopa wants treasury to Probe De Lille



Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) has called on the Treasury to investigate the role played by Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

They want the treasury to check the directive Patricia de Lille she gave out on erection of the Beitbridge border fence.

Scopa noticed a foul play when it received report from the Treasury on Tuesday.

It said the report “indicated problems with the conditions set by the minister in the directive.”

“It contains conditions requiring the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure’s chief financial officer (CFO) to be advised on the costs in order to secure the provisions for the emergency variation order.”

“It also required the CFO to put emergency mechanisms in place for weekly payment of the contractor for work undertaken,” Scopa said in a statement.

Scopa said the Treasury was also bothered about the costs advise presented.

“Another concern is that the inclusion of the variation order means that there is a contractual agreement with the current supplier.”

“In addition, Treasury is concerned about the request for weekly payments, as payment should be made on services rendered and against the bills of quantities.”

Scopa requested the Treasury “to perform an in-depth investigation on the minister’s involvement with the state Accountant-General, and has requested the National Treasury to submit the report within the next 14 days”.

They SIU committee agreed to it and they also told the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure to submit the full report by Friday, 28.

This is to enable them get to know the contents before they take an oversight visit to the Beitbridge fence.


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