Ginimbi’s mother died earlier this year



Ginimbi’s death has caught many by surprise as no one was expecting he could leave so soon.

The star died in a car accident on his way coming from a birthday party along Borrowdale road with three other friends named Elisha, Karim and Moana who is the birthday girl.

Ginimbi was speeding on their way and was trying to overtake cars so as to get to their destination faster.

Well, it was seen that he had earlier lost his mother which took him a while before he came to terms with the passing of his mother.

In a post he shared in January 31st, he said the loss of his mother was a great one for him which can’t be filled by others.

Ginimbi captioned: “The loss of a Mother is such a great loss that can’t be filled by others. My mother was a smart lady who always inspired everyone. God will keep you in peace. We will forever miss you.”

See the post he shared:


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